Snoring May Be a Warning of Serious Health Risk

Snoring Gives Away Suspect Hiding From Police

Improving your sleep and reducing your snoring is another very good reason to quit. Talk to your doctor. It is important to let your physician know if you snore, no matter how mild you believe your snoring to be. Your doctor can advise you on the best strategies for treatment, including mouth guards and dental devices that can help keep your airway open during sleep. Your doctor can also monitor your condition in the event it progresses to obstructive sleep apnea.
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Save Your Relationship, Avoid Snoring

About three hours later, said Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, is when the man managed to reveal his hiding place while he was sleeping. A homeowner in Independence Township heard something outside she thought she heard someone snoring,Bouchard said. And she saw a set of feet under her deck. The woman called 911, deputies arrived, and the 49-year-old man was taken into custody outside at the home in the5400 block of N. Ridge Trail. Bouchard said this is not typical criminal behavior.
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Snoring: A New Tip-Off To Stroke and Heart Disease

David Jack, a wellness coach and contributing editor at Mens Health Magazine, says that many couples that experience inadequate sleep as a result of one persons snoring often find larger problems in the relationship. [Sleep] is a root of wellness, Jack says. Good sleep is so important and there are so many people struggling with it to the point that it is affecting their daily life, but it is also affecting their relationship. So how do you know if you partners or your own snoring is just a mild, rare disturbance or something more serious? Jack describes a difference between occasional light snoring and a more serious medical condition. Snoring thats connected to sleep apnea thats moderate and severeis a medical condition, Jack says.
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Stop Snoring Indianapolis are simply the best

The researchers suggested that the damage could be due to the trauma and inflammation caused by the vibrations of snoring. However, previous research on the connection between sleep apnea and artery disease has found a reverse connection the arterial damage comes first, lowering the amount of oxygen in the blood, leading to breathing interruptions. It could be that thickening of the arteries is contributing to the snoring as well, not just the other way around. One more thing to pay attention to: The patients in the Henry Ford study were all between the ages of 18 and 50. Deeb, the studys lead author, hopes his research will lead people to treat snoring as a reason to visit the doctor and discuss cardiovascular health and stroke prevention. And he hopes doctors will now add snoring to the list of risk factors which currently includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and family history they use to initiate testing and treatment. Our study adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that isolated snoring may not be as benign as first suspected, Deeb said in a statement.
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There are many times in the morning when you do not feel like you have slept at night and feeling sleepy and inactive. Wrong concept People think that the snoring is not at all a problem but the quality of sleep also gets affected due to the same. All of the professionals and the surgeons who work in the stop snoring services have got huge experience of years in the industry. The common kind of the snoring can be referred to as the mild snoring but still it needs to be checked in the best stop snoring clinics. People need to follow some of the stop snoring solutions which can be effective in losing the weight. It has been proved that being overweight can also be a reason of the snoring and the sleep apnea and many other sleeping disorders. Best research The different studies and the researches have shown that the snoring is a very common among the people who are overweight both in the man and the women.
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